RE-THINKING THE IRISH MOSS SCARE– I’m going to use Irish moss

POST #873
A while back, I wrote about people who were saying that Irish moss was unhealthy. 

Shortly after I wrote that, I had the opportunity to talk with one of my favorite raw food people, Raw Chef Dan, and, since he had been the one who had introduced me to Irish moss, I asked him what his take on this scare was.  Dan reminded me that when chemists extract ingredients from raw living foods, and then concentrate them, it is often likely that the concentration of extracted ingredients from perfectly innocent raw food products can result in negative health results.

Let’s just think about vitamins. They are good for you, taken in reasonable amounts, however, it is entirely possible to OD on vitamins and experience negative health effects.  For example,  carrots contain Vitamin A, which is good for us, however high concentrations of Vitamin A can be harmful.

In the case of Irish moss, the extraction of sodium alginate, the natural agent which causes thickening of food ingredients, involves using concentrated amounts of this element, which can be harmful.  As such, the sodium alginate product used as a thickening agent in commercial milkshakes, for example, might be harmful. 

On the other hand, using whole Irish moss involves only miniscule amounts of sodium alginate, which are not harmful to the body. 

I am going to use natural raw Irish moss as a thickening ingredient in raw living food recipes. As of now, I have consumed quite a few foods which have contained natural Irish moss, and I have not experienced any untoward effects.

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