GOING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS – gearing up for another 10-hr train trip (both ways)

POST #871
I’m starting to make up foods I can carry with me on the train down to Virginia– foods which will still be good on the return trip the next day.  That spells dehydrated food and fermented foods in my book.  (the problem with the fermented foods is that they do give off a lovely –to me, not necessarily to all of the other people in the  vicinity– fragrance)  I think I’ll take crackers, cheddar cheeze dip, kale chips, and some fermented mushrooms.  I’ll make some corn chip crackers (I haven’t made those in quite a while). 

The good thing about traveling on the train is that they don’t examine your baggage in the same way the airports do, so I can carry the cheddar  cheeze with no problem.  I’m taking the train because it costs $300 less than the plane, and I will get there at the same time, and have to leave at the same time (the difference is that I have to leave a whole lot earlier and will arrive a whole lot later, duh!)


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