11/29/12 CSA SHARE: the last one for the season

POST #868
This was the last share for the season. That leaves me to choose and buy my own vegetables for the next 6 months (look out Fairway! here I come!)

Here is what we got, and what I took away:
Yellow Potatoes – 1 qt……………..traded for carrots
Beets – 1 pc………………………………got 3 turnips, traded for 1 baby cauliflower
Carrots – 2 lbs
Baby Sweet Potatoes – 4 lbs
Green Cabbage – 1 hd

With the end of the season comes the big decision: Should I join for the winter share?  The sense of community is nice, but, actually, thinking about it, I don’t use potatoes much, and that is what there is most of in the winter share.  I did it for 3 years, missed it last year, and….I think I am going to pass on it this year. 

Maybe this will be the year that I join the Flatbush Food Coop  — I’ve been talking about that for a while. That way I could get discounts on lots of different kinds of vegetables.  Then again, there is always Fairway – as long as there is a subway, I can get to Fairway reasonable easily.


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