PROGRESS ON PROCESSING: What’s going on in my kitchen corner

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This afternoon, I was thinking about opening the fermenting jars (squash, 2 cranberry sauces, 2 mushrooms, the usual sauerkraut) tonight, but then I ended up working (work is good), and I just didn’t feel like eating when I came home (I have to eat some to see if it is good yet or bad already, yes?), so we’ll have the opening ceremony tomorrow afternoon instead. (Oh, yeah, I’ve forgotten to mention that I have an experiment in one of the jars – don’t remember which one.  I’ve read that you’re supposed to force the vegetables to stay under the liquid, so I bought a jar of baby food, emptied it, washed it, filled it with water, put a cabbage leaf on top of whatever was in the jar I put it in and put the baby-food jar on top to hold down the vegetables and then put on the lid. I’ll see how that turned out tomorrow)  Tomorrow’s lunch will be odd by most folks’ standards: It will be a tasting menu of fermented vegetables and mushrooms. I hope that means “YUMMM!”

Last night, I read a very interesting analysis of fermenting vessels at Nourishing Treasures. This link is to the end report on what jars/set-ups Lea thought best. (The reason I was there was that I was thinking about fixing what ain’t broke — i.e., I’ve been doing all of this fermenting, and, fortunately, I’ve been successful, but it turns out that, in the blog world, there is all sorts of controversy about how best to culture vegetables. After reading all of this science, I’m sort of thinking of getting one of those special mason jar caps to try out.)

The lentil sprouts I dehydrated the other day when I realized that they had grown too long and gone bitter were okay, but not anything I will do again.  The cooked spaghetti squash I dehydrated was okay, but I don’t really want to eat cooked food.  The mushrooms I dehydrated were okay, and I’ve gone through most of them, but I think that, next time, I will not marinate them in nama shoyu (boy, are they salty!), so I am still on a quest for a good stringed marinated dehydrated mushroom recipe.

The lentil sprouts and sunflower seed sprouts I have going should be done by tomorrow morning.


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