POST #866
Yesterday morning, I had plans to go out with a friend to see the Union Square Holiday Bazaar at 10am. I got up at 5am, did some more cleaning of the kitchen, and then I went to get ready to go out. When I picked up my phone, which was recharging, I found a message which seemed contrived, so I called her. Her excuse was even more contrived, so I figured out that she did not want to go but felt she needed a big excuse (sorry – her excuse was not so big – I’ve been through that, and I know it takes only about 20 mins).
Then, I decided to make some cranberry juice. I hauled out my Champion and proceeded to juice 3C of cranberries (it only gives you about 3/4 C of cranberry juice). One sip of the cranberry juice was too tart, so I added half-again of apple cider, and got a drinkable potion.
Faced with the the pulp from the cranberries, which was still rather juicy, I decided to see if I could make cranberry sauce. I had another orange, so I threw everything into my Cuisinart, along with a couple of tablespoons of ginger powder, @ a tablespoon of palm sugar, and about a tablespoon of cinnamon. I also added 1/4 C water mixed with 1 cap of New Chapter All Flora probiotics.
I packed as much as I could of the cranberry mix into a 1 qt jar, capped it, and set it in line with all my other ferments. Then I was stuck with about a cup of cranberry sauce left over — I gave some to my room-mate (she liked it), and I ate the rest.
I’m fermenting that jar for 3 or 4 days, so I’ll let you know with the report on everything else on the shelf.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… we’ll see… maybe Monday?


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