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I found this nice recipe that I could have written, but never had, at Enjoy!

Basic Veggie Wraps

This lovely wrap is a quick ‘n easy recipe we made many times at my husband’s raw-ish cafe in Brazil. It’s just SO easy, SO filling, and SO tasty! I’m making this one today, but because I’m out of truly raw almonds, I’m using sunflower seeds for the mayo. Easy enough!

Veggie Wraps with Almond Mayo

Collard greens (for wrappers)
Almond mayo (for dressing)
Chives, chopped
Cilantro, chopped
Avocado, cut in slivers
Cucumber, diced
Herbamare, to taste


  • Remove the spine from the collard greens if you’d like to, although I usually don’t bother to be honest! To remove, with the lighter green of the collard facing down, carefully use a paring knife to cut lengthwise from one side to the other without cutting through the leaf.
  • Now face the dark green down. Use a spoon to put some almond mayo on the center of the leaf, then add some veggies, then add some Herbamare or sea salt if you like, to get some extra flavor in there.
  • Wrap it up, and devour!


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