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I LOVE GETTING NEW BOOKS!  I love books, period, but, when I get more books, I love that more. Today, I received three raw food books that I had ordered while I was away.  Boy oh boy!  Two are for my EARLY RAW FOOD BOOKS collection, and the other one is a book I had never heard of before the author sent me an email the other day.

I am very excited to finally have a copy of what may be the first raw food book published in America (1925), Mrs. Richter’s Cook-Less Book, by Vera Richter.  Vera Richter, together with her husband, Dr. John Richter, opened the first raw food restaurant in Los Angeles, Eutropheon, in 1917, and ran it until the late 1940s.  The book includes recipes for the dishes served in the restaurant. These are recipes from the days before food processors and dehydrators, so they are all quite simple to prepare.(Interestingly, someone has copied this book and made a Kindle version, so, unless you are a fanatic, like me, and must have the original, you can read through it on your Kindle for a highly reasonable price).

I also received a copy of John Tobe’s 1969 Health Giving, Life Saving No-Cook Book, which Raw Chef Dan showed me when I was at his studio a couple of weeks ago.  This is an interesting book – it is not 100% raw, but it does have a lot of good raw recipes (early raw food writers often included non-raw items in their recipe books).  The No-Cook Book would be a very good introduction for people transitioning to a raw diet.

I’ve been reading Susan Powers’ recipes on her Rawmazing site for quite a while, and have used quite a few of them.  The other day, I got an email from her, announcing her book, Rawmazing: Over 130 Simple Raw Recipes for Radiant Health, on Amazon.com for a very accessible price, so I ordered it. Wow! Among the usual re-worked recipes that we see versions of in almost every cookbook, there are some very nice, unique, tasty-sounding recipes in Rawmazing.  One thing I find interesting is that she uses sprouted wheat in a number of recipes –something we don’t usually see in raw recipes books.  I am looking forward to reading through this book more in depth, and, very likely, making some of the recipes.


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