POST #832
I’ve just finished putting up 2-1/2 qts worth of jalapeno-garlic-dill kohlrabi “sticks”.

 I first peeled the kohlrabi, then cut each one in half, top to bottom. Then I cut each half again, and then again, so that I had sticks of about 1/2 in. in width. 

I slice up and then chopped one large jalapeno pepper and sliced about six small cloves of garlic, and put about half of that in the bottom of a quart jar. Then I poured in about 1 T of dill seed.

Then I stuffed the kohlrabi sticks as tightly as I could into the jar, added more garlic, dill, and jalapeno, and added more, shorter pieces of kohlrabi.

When the jar was full, I poured in a mix of 2 quarts water, 1 T sea salt, and 2 capsules of New Chapter All-Flora probiotics, capped the jar, and set it aside.

I repeated the process with the next two jars.  I’m expecting this to be ready for testing in 3 days.


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