10/4/2012 CSA SHARE: The reality

POST #830
Escarole…… ………………………traded for kohlrabi
Mesclun Lettuce Mix……………traded for bok choi
Baby Bok Choi
Japanese Salad Turnips
Green Boston Lettuce…………..traded for kohlrabi
Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes…….traded for bok choi
Toscano Kale

There is some interesting dynamic going on. When I really want to get to the CSA distribution first, I get work that prevents that happening.  Work is good. I need the money.

So, today, I was second. The guy, bless his soul, who always gets there first and grabs everything in the share box, in a 3 for 1 deal, where he puts in one thing and takes three, got there first. Apparently he does not like lettuce.  The share box was filled with lettuce and nothing else…. ah, but I dug dug dug down to the bottom of the lettuce and found 2 kohlrabi bulbs. Ha! (apparently he likes kohlrabi, because he was hanging over my shoulder and, seeing me find the kohlrabi, tried to get it from me. Not a chance, big boy!)  I wanted to trade all of the lettuce and the potatoes, so I had to patiently wait for people to come and not want stuff.  Finally, someone didn’t want bok choy– MINE! Finally someone didn’t want kohlrabi– MINE!

Yea! I’ve got enough kohlrabi to make  a quart of pickles.


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