ORDERING BALL/KERR/MASON JARS – my ordeal, my success

I’ve mentioned that I had hear that you could order Ball/Kerr mason jars (it seems that Ball and Mason are the current brand names and “mason” is something like a generic name, anymore — the company which manufactures them responds to Ball and Mason).  I’ve mentioned that Ace Hardware has an unbeatable deal (order on-line for a price you cannot find anywhere else, and they ship it free to your local Ace Hardware store)

I went online tonight and located an Ace Hardware store which is on my subway line (and, added benefit, in a cute neighborhood that I would like to visit again, in Greenwich Village).  I tried to order, but the website would not accept my cellphone number. Grr.  Still, they have a 24-hour help line, with very polite American native English-speaking customer service reps.  Hence, I got my order placed in a relatively short time, and will be able to pick it up at an Ace Hardware Store on W. 3rd St. in Greenwich Village, just a couple of blocks from the train which will take me home again with no transfers. 

The cost for my jars is $10 less than anywhere I could find on-line, including amazon.com

If you need jars for canning, pickling, preserving, culturing, etc., or for whatever other reason,  I recommend Ace Hardware.


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