POST #821

I was trying to find this shopping mall, but I failed, and ended up going to the end of the E line and crossing the platform to come back home (I decided against going upstairs and looking around at where I was in the world. I was too dejected about not making it to the shopping mall – bad directions from!).  Since I had to transfer at Jackson Heights, I decided to go upstairs and hit the Chinese supermarket – I’ve been out of the Thai green curry paste which I love for way too long)

It has been a while since I’ve been to Pacific Supermarket. They’ve changed a bit, put fruit outside like an old-style Chinatown market, or like Fairway.  I went on inside, on a mission to just get the curry paste. Ha! They temptingly put the vegetables right across from the door. Chinese vegetables. Stuff you never see.

The vegetables there are probably not organic, but I am fairly certain that they are local, and, so, fresher that what you might find in a supermarket (we have a lot of Chinese farmers in New Jersey, and, possibly, in upstate)  Amazing collection of leaves! (i.e., leaves, you know, like spinach, but different, i.e., salad or marinating possibilities).   The prices there are dirt-cheap — my local supermarket, and, even, Fairway, charge more for green beans right now. I got a pound of green beans for $.59.  I got a pound of baby bok choy for $.79.

Next week, I’ll probably get some cash and go down to the Union Square green-market and get some of those fresh, and, often, organic vegetables, but, meanwhile, there’s something to eat here tonight.


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