YOU CAN’T GET THAT HERE! Looking for Zukay Red Pepper Cilantro Dressing!

POST #819

I’m kind of bummed!  I suddenly remembered Zukay Red Pepper Cilantro Dressing, and how I liked it, and how it was made with probiotics, and might even be something I could add into a ferment….  and now does not sell to “people”.

So, I searched online to buy it (I’m even willing to buy the wholesale amount because I really like the stuff, and I have recommended it to others, and would continue to do so, but… although I can find it listed, I cannot find a way to buy it.)

To be honest, I am happy that the company has grown so much, but, at the same time, I am aggravated that I cannot find the stuff in New York City, nor can I find a source where I can order it on-line, although it is listed on the Zukay website.

To be brutally honest, I cannot understand why this product is listed but cannot be ordered anywhere.  It’s a good product, but, if it cannot be ordered or bought, the company, if it has any sense, will discontinue it yesterday.

If you know where I can get Zukay Red Pepper Cilantro dressing, by the bottle or, better, by the 6-pack carton, I’d truly appreciate it if you would share that information with me.  I do like the product as a salad dressing, and I have this sudden idea, which will probably work, of using it as a fermenting agent, which will mean that I will need more bottles of it often.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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