9/20/12 CSA SHARE: What we got and what I’m thinking

9/20 CSA SHARE: what we got and what I’m thinking….

Yow! The best laid plans….!!!! I was going to be standing at the CSA door at 4pm waiting for opening time, so I could get those green beans and maybe even the tomatoes — so….. I got 4 hours of much needed extra work on the job, and I couldn’t get there until 6:45! They did have cherry tomatoes in the trade box, so I traded the lettuce for those.

Butternut Squash – 1 pc
Green Beans – 3/4 lb
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – 1/3 lb
Leeks – 2 pcs
Red Tomatoes – 4 plum & 1 red beefsteak
Yukon Gold Potatoes – 4 lbs
Red Boston or Green Batavian Lettuce – 1 hd

One of the tomatoes was split open – I’m going to look at it again and see if any of it can be saved.
4 lbs of potatoes is a lot! I do have a new raw vegan potato recipe though, so I’ll try that on one potato. Then we’ll see what I can do with the rest of the potatoes.
That butternut squash is a big one. I’m thinking pasta.
The beans are headed directly to the ferment jar. I’m going to put 2 sliced jalapenos in with them, in addition to the garlic and dill.

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