9/20/12 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

POST #816
What they say we will get:

Butternut Squash – 1 pc
Green Beans – 3/4 lb
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – 1/3 lb
Leeks – 2 pcs
Red Tomatoes – 4 plum & 1 red beefsteak
Yukon Gold Potatoes – 4 lbs
Red Boston or Green Batavian Lettuce – 1 hd

Oh, boy! I sure hope we do get the green beans, tomatoes, and leeks! My first batch of fermented green beans (1-1/2 qt)was gone in 3 days! Need more! The tomato salsa (1-1/2 qt) was gone in 4 days. Need more!
I’m waiting on last week’s leeks – I didn’t put them up right away, but I just know they’ll be good and I’ll want more.

Yes, of course, I will fly into the CSA distribution drop as early as I can (I want to get there first, so I’ll take along a book and go before the time for them to open – I want to get extra green beans from the trade box if I can (yes, of course, I’ll trade the lettuce, if I can get the green beans). If I can get the tomatoes, I’ll trade the potatoes).

As you can see, I am not superstitious about telling you what I want to do in the future. About half the time I get what I am after. The other half, someone else gets what they are after.


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