DILLY BEANS – fermented green beans with dill, and jalapeno

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(loosely based on a recipe from Sandor Katz’s Wild Fermentation)

1 lb green beans
1/2 to 1 whole jalapeno pepper (according to taste)
1 T dill seed (not dill weed)
2 cloves garlic (or more, to taste)
1 C spring water
1 T sea salt
1 capsule probiotics (I use New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora)

Use 1 qt jar (but have a 1 pt jar on hand in case your beans don’t all fit in the 1 qt jar)  Thoroughly wash and rinse the jar(s).  (If you are really finicky, you can soak the jars in water with chlorine bleach added, or else boil them – if you boil the jars, cool them to room temperature before you use them—I, personally, did this the once I lost a batch of sauerkraut, and I wanted to be sure no mold was in the jar)

Top and tail your green beans, and then break them off (or cut them) in lengths to fit the jar(s) –  (since we don’t know exactly how many will go in which jar, you can measure for the first jar and fill it, then re-measure, and also use the odd pieces left over for the second jar if you need it).

Slice the garlic cloves into three pieces.

Finely chop the jalapeno pepper.

Place the garlic slices, chopped jalapeno, and dill seed in the bottom of the quart jar.

Pack the green beans into the quart jar.  Leave 1/2 in. space at the top of the jar.

Mix the sea salt thoroughly into 1/2 C spring water.  Empty the powder from the probiotics capsule into the water.  Mix thoroughly.

Pour the brine with probiotics mix into the jar, to completely cover the beans.

Cover the jars with two part “dome” lids (the ones they come with) and screw lids on tightly.  (if, for some reason, you are using plastic storage lids on your Ball jars, or if you are using re-purposed glass jars you’ve saved, and are using the lids those jars came with, leave the lids a little loose)

Set your jars in a cool dark-ish place in your kitchen (my spot is the corner of my stove next to the wall (the window is just ahead of this spot, but doesn’t shine on it)  I have a cutting board which covers that part of the stove, designating my fermenting zone.

Wait 3 days (the probiotics accelerate the fermentation process).  I usually look at the beans and shake up the jar a little (superstition, maybe, but I have the idea that it will make the spices go into the beans better)

After 3 days, taste a green bean and decide if you like the taste.  If you do, there you go.  If you are not sure, leave them another 2 days, and then taste test.  I have never left my beans more than 5 days, but you could, if you choose.  3 days is enough for me, then, after I get the “first fruits”, I close the jar back up tight and leave it on the counter for another couple of days (no room in the refrigerator).  If I haven’t finished off the green beans by then, I transfer them to a smaller container and put them in the refrigerator.


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