HAPPY HARVEST!: lentil and sunflower sprouts

POST #812
I started lentil and sunflower sprouts 2 days ago.  This morning, when I looked at them, they were all grown!  What a surprise!  In the past, my lentil and sunflower sprouts have taken up to 3 days, but these took only a day and a half!  Wow!

I wonder what happened.  I made them in a jar, as usual (even though I had the new Victorio Sprouter, I somehow didn’t want to use it, because I didn’t want to risk bugs – it is still summer and our kitchen window is still open)

Anyway, I’m glad, because I’ve already used up more than half of the lentil sprouts, so I’m glad to know that I can hope for a quick harvest when I make some more later this weekend.


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