POST #810
Oh, yumm!
I’ve just opened the fermenting jars (it’s the 3rd day, and I normally expect results on the 3rd day with my ferments, because I use probiotics in the mix – nevertheless, with new recipes, there is always a little worry to see if my method works).

Hurray!  The salsa is fabulous! (I had started to worry when I saw a lot of liquid at the bottom, since I don’t have weights, and almost everybody recommends weights).  I opened the jar, and it was fermenting so fabulously that some of it bubbled right out of the jar – which is why I always open in the sink)  I’ve decided to leave it for another day.

I tried both jars of the green beans –liked the dill/garlic/onion mix better than the dill/pickling spice mix, but they are still both good. (I’ll probably give a big bowl of the pickling spice ones to my new neighbors as a welcoming gift, or I may get real nice and put some of both recipes on a plate to take to them.  We’ll see after I taste test tomorrow.)

I am so delighted!

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