POST #806
I got busy the other night, went to the kitchen, and put up 4 jars of fermenting vegetables.
My recipes were based on recipes I’d seen in Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods by Wardeh Harmon, as well as a recipe from Pickle Me Too.

I started with the four tomatoes I had left from last week’s CSA share. I decided to make a fermented salsa, so I gathered together the tomatoes, two jalapeno peppers, 2 onions, fresh cilantro, fresh garlic, and cumin powder. Chop chop chop chop! (good therapy for aggravations).. I mixed everything together and funneled most of the mix, via my Champion juicer funnel, into a 1-quart jar, and mooshed everything down to make the juice come out. Then I dissolved the powder from 2 New Chapter All Flora capsules and 2 T salt in 1/2 C spring water, and poured some of it on top of the salsa mix in the jar, moved it around with a chopstick, and screwed the Ball dome/two-part lid on. I had some salsa mix left over, so I funneled it into a pint jar, then added enough coarsely chopped onion to come to the top of the jar, pushed it down, and added the rest of the probiotic/salt/water mixture, and closed it with a plastic storage lid, screwed on not totally tightly (I’ve heard that you can use a regular lid if you don’t have a 2-part lid – I’ll find out soon).

I had a pile of green beans and two pint jars, so I decided to try two different recipes. I rinsed and soaked my green beans while I was making the salsa. Then I snapped off the tops and tails, and then, I measured them up against the jars, and broke them to fit. To one jar, I added dill seed, pickling mix, and fresh garlic. To the other jar, I added dill seed, fresh garlic, and onion. In 2 C water, I dissolved probiotic powder from 2 capsules of New Chapter All Flora Probiotics and 1 T sea salt. I poured this mix into the jars to cover the vegetables, and sealed the jars.

Now I have the four jars sitting on my half of the stove (I share an apartment with an omnivore, so I have a big cutting board over two of the burners, and she gets the other two for cooking)

So, now I am waiting. I’ve never tried these recipes, and I did alter the recipes I based them on, because I do not use dairy products, and they recommended using whey as the fermentation agent.

I’m going to open the salsa on Thursday or Friday night, and see where it’s at.
I figure I’ll check out a green bean from each jar around that time, as well.
I’ll let you know.


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