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Now, I think this is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen:  I believe I did laugh out loud when I saw it.   Some yo-yo thinks that we should petition President Obama to hire a raw vegan chef to make meals in the White House.

 Excuse me?  You cannot accuse me of liking Obama, but, still he deserves the same freedoms we expect to be afforded in our private lives:  Since when do we tell the President what he and his family should eat?  Worse, if he did hire a raw food chef, he and his family would likely only eat the first meal, and then relegate said chef to making salads, and, on top of it, crow that he has a raw food chef (I’m saying, kind of like when Michelle had her children out for the planting of the “White House vegetable garden” – have we seen any publicity photos of those cute little dread-locked kids actually getting dirt on their hands taking care of said garden?  I am sure that the president has hired a gardener to take care of that garden in case the White House needs to show off the garden again..  Do you honestly believe otherwise?  BTW, has anyone ever seen pictures of the growing vegetables, or the harvested vegetables?

 Lots of celebrities have said that they have hired a raw chef, but do we ever see them actually eating raw vegan food?  Okay, once in a while when they pass through New York City, they might stop by Pure Food & Wines for an over-priced delicious raw meal, to keep the idea going, but ‘cept for no gossip columns have ever mentioned catching So-and-So dining in/entering/exiting PF&W – it might happen if the restaurant held a celebrity charity event… but… does that really mean the celebrity eats raw more than once per celebrity charity event?)

 The bottom line is:  Why should we even entertain the idea of demanding that the president of the US eat the way we think is right?  Wouldn’t it be a bit fascist of us to think that we have the right to tell the president, or anyone else, what they should or should not eat, or how they should prepare their food?   Would we not be outraged should someone from the AMA attempt to legislate that we MUST forego avocados, raw nuts and seeds, and raw virgin olive oil, because they are too high in fat, or that we must eat meat because it is considered the best source of protein?  Freedom includes, I believe, the freedom to choose what to eat, no matter who you are. (A couple of years ago, I put on about 20 lbs, because I chose to eat high-carb raw vegan preparations that mimicked SAD desserts.  I finally got the weight back off when I stopped eating those things.) 

 Here is the petition I found at

” We the undersigned would like President Obama to hire a raw vegan chef to make some of the meals in the White House. Raw vegan meals keep people lean and in excellent health. They’re also delicious; the cuisine includes all types of ethnic and other dishes. 
Studies have shown that eating food that has been baked, grilled, roasted or fried leads to chronic disease. (Heating food at high temperatures creates harmful chemicals that jeopardize the health of anyone eating that food.) 
By hiring a raw vegan chef, President Obama will be leading the way to help all Americans (and people worldwide) to eat food that boosts their health and keeps them slim.”


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