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Oh, now, this might be interesting for those of you who are trying out a raw vegan diet because of allergies or intestinal difficulties or other maladies the doctors won’t really name.

My mom just told me that a friend of hers had had some serious intestinal troubles, to the point that he had been hospitalized and then actually sent to a “rehab center” (I’m reading new name for “nursing home”).  His symptoms sounded so much like candidiasis that I asked her what they said he had (my mom, who is young, but not so young, is always on the alert, since she has overcome cancer).  She knew, and she told me it was CDEF.  Interesting…. So I googled around long enough and finally came up for natural cures for CDEF – guess what!  They are all called Candidiasis symptoms “something new”.

I have a vested interest in this since I long suspected that I had systemic candiasis (which is the basic definition for CDEF),  and I have done a number of candidiasis cleanses (I guess you could live very cleanly after one and maybe never get it again, but, between surgeries, and eating “lapses”, I have tended to get this over and over again, until I got it too seriously this past year, and had to get mega-serious)  Candidiasis is what got me interested in nutrition in the first place – I knew about it, and then one of my Reiki students, who brought her own food along, shared with me that she had studied nutrition because of candidiasis.  When I came down with symptoms, I knew where to look, and *voila*!

What is frustrating about candidiasis is the doctors’ unwillingness to admit that that is what you have.  This seems very strange to me.  I had a weird infection on my chest that sent me to my dermatologist.  He told me that it was a fungal infection and when I asked him which one, he said it was candidiasis.  He prescribed some creams.  I looked them up, and the medical information said they were indicated for candida skin infections.   They worked.  I got another similar infection on my arm, and he said I should use the same creams. When I went for a check-up, however, he denied that my arm infection was candida (even though the medication prescribed was for candida)

My mom’s friend’s wife asked the nurses if her husband had candidiasis, and they said yes, but then started with a lot of blah blah blah – confusion tactics?

Never mind!  Through a little (very little) assiduous searching of the web (I asked “is CDEF candidiasis” and read down until I found the answer – Yes! – Okay, I got tricky and asked for natural treatments for CDEF, and came up with things like “Candida Clear” by NOW), I discovered that CDEF is actually systemic candidiasis by another name.

Why do doctors want to deny candidiasis and give it another name?  I am curious, but am very tempted to fall back on the usual reason – that candidiasis *can* be cured by natural, dietary methods, and treating the symptoms only will result in long term candiasis infection.

If you suspect that you might have candidiasis (it has been estimated that 80% of the population does), or if you have been told that you have it, or have CDEF, you might like to look at my candidiasis web pages:

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