MY NEW TOY: My Kyocera Mandoline/Vegetable Slicer

POST #783
 Oh boy! Someone told me (no, she raved) about her new vegetable slicer and so I looked it up.  Sure enough, the Kyocera  Mandolin Slicer looked like what I’ve been looking for – reasonable-quality slicer for a highly reasonable price (I’ve been using my room-mate’s 99cent-store slicer, or for thinner slices, this thing that looks like a very wide Euro-vegetable peeler that I got at Williams Sonoma—both had their downsides: the cheap one was dull and only sliced thin partial slices and only when it wanted to, i.e., forget tomatoes or other soft items. With the peeler-like thing, I could slice wide, but slowly, and always hazarding slicing a good part of my hand off in the bargain) 

I ordered my Kyocera Mandolin Slicer, along with aMicroplane Cut Protection Glove purported to prevent hand-slicing – only…. I accidentally sent it to my parents’ address.  When I called and spoke to Daddy, he told me he’d received it, but had figured it was something he had ordered, and so Mom and he were happily using it – I told him to keep it (I mean, when you give the man who has everything something he didn’t have and turns out to like, well, you just have to rejoice).  I re-ordered.

 So, I got my goodies (the mandoline andthe glove) on Friday afternoon, and I sliced up tomatoes and cucumbers like a woman on a mission.  The glove prevented me from slicing my fingers, and I enjoyed switching the slicing widths and getting different sizes of slices. 

Do I love this Kyocera mandoline slicer? Yes.  (the downside is that the slicing size is not as big as that plate-sized tomato you have—so slice it in half then re-assemble it!  The next sized Kyocera will run you quite a bit more for .5” more slicing width – NOT where I’m at.  Also, the slicing blade is rather sharp – I would not recommend storing it in a drawer where you have to feel around for it—I’m hanging mine on the side of my refrigerator with a magnetic hook)

The Microplane Cut-Protection glove I got is fabulous.  I cannot cut my fingers.  If I am using the wide vegetable slicer, I cannot remove the lower part of my thumb, no matter how hard I slice.  (not only that – the glove is machine washable, although I’ve just been dunking it in dishwashing liquid and rinsing it clean)

All in all, I am happy with my new kitchen buddies, and I recommend you consider these wonderful, reasonably-priced items to your collection of handy items.


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