POST #777
Last night, although I didn’t want to eat, I knew I was going to be at work all day today, and I figured I might get hungry at some point, so I decided to go chop up some vegetables and make something for lunch.

I chopped up one of this week’s CSA tomatoes, some of the cippolino onions I still have, a long green pepper from last week’s share, 2 big cloves of garlic, half a jalapeno I had lying around, and a handful of basil leaves.  I added a little olive oil (I didn’t want to add too much, because I was worried about what might happen in the refrigerator overnight).  I might have wished for some chopped nuts, but I had none.  I set all in a covered plastic dish in the refrigerator, and I carried it off to work with  me today.  I did eat some of it, but I wasn’t really hungry, so I didn’t finish it off.

I added some chopped seaweed to it tonight, as well as some Spike and some apple cider vinegar and a dash of Tabasco,  and did finish it off.


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