8/9/12 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

POST #775
Here is what they say we will get:
Swiss Chard – 1 bun
Red Potatoes – 3 lb bag
Cucumbers – 3-4 pcs
Genovese Basil – 1 bun
Green Cabbage – 1 hd
Fresh Yellow Onions – 1 bun
Baby Watermelon -OR- Sungold Cherry Tomatoes AND Green Beans – 1 pc or a mixed bag
Red Tomatoes – 3 lb

I’m going to get there late, have to pack up, and run right back out again (I have a 2 hour window between jobs tomorrow to pick this stuff up — may have to take it back to work with me.

Yea!!!! Tomato time is here!

I can always hope that there will be something to trade the potatoes and chard for, but everything else is so scrumptious-sounding, well….

Oh, I sure would like a watermelon in my box. Hope hope!


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