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I have just found this amazing offer.

Russell James is offering all of his ebooks at a very good discount, with an amazing offer on top of that.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. When Russell was starting out, he offered deals, and they didn’t come through.  I felt ripped off (although they did return my money, ultimately), and I stayed away from anything he wasn’t offering for free for a very long time.

Today, since he was offering a very fair deal,  I decided that it was time to take the chance again.  Lucky for me, I have gotten the books I tried to buy from him some time ago, but couldn’t receive!

I’ve applied for an affiliate-ship, but it hasn’t come through yet.  I don’t care. I want you to know about this offer he has.  Russell is offering all of his books for either $14.95 US each,  or  $50 for all 6.  Such a deal.  Since I am pretty much broke, but still (after all our issues) want his books, I went for it, and am very happy to have the recipes I longed for a couple of years ago, in addition to other recipes I am interested in.

Go to to see all six books he is offering for this very good price. 



  1. I just checked out the site and Russell is offering the books for whatever you can pay. You can choose to pay $10 if that is all you can afford. I have always avoided getting some of these e-books because, from past experience, they usually don’t contain very many recipes, and I just can’t afford to pay $15 or $20 a book for just a few recipes. They fill the pages with good information, but each book always contains the same info and, imho, that takes the place of the recipes (if you have a 50 page e-book and only half contain recipes then too much filler). I guess my question is, do I get the same e-books (number of recipes) if I can only afford to pay the $10 as opposed to someone who can pay the $50? Has anyone checked that out?

    Yes, I went for the offer, and I got a pile of e-books with a pile of recipes. Definitely worth the pittance I paid. My praises go out to Russell for offering this opportunity for those of us on limited incomes to enjoy his recipes and then, hopefully, sing his praises to all, so that he will continue to be successful and create more wonderful recipes

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