Now, this is really weird for me.  I have suddenly, in the last week, been adding curry powder to my food.

Why is it weird? Let’s start with Indian food overload in my first 6 months in New York.  Apparently, at that time, Indian food was all the rage (there was this strip of Indian restaurants on E. 6th St., and all of my friends wanted to go to dinner there)  I OD’d on Indian food (much as I did on Polish food on 2nd Ave. about a year later, for the same reason)  I just got so I didn’t want to know anything about India (I mean, I did come here 20 years after the 60’s, and, thankfully, I had gotten over Indian-stuff, madras,  and paisley mania)

I have studiously avoided anything Indian (in fact, once, when someone said a necklace I had created looked Indian-inspired, I gave it away within 24 hours– if I hadn’t been able to find someone I knew who might like it, I was prepared to give it to a homeless person!)

I do like Thai curry, but that is a whole ‘nother animal.

So, what is up with this sudden taste and desire to add it to my food? I must research the ingredients in curry powder.  Meanwhile, curry goes in everything.



  1. I love coconut curry! I can’t wait to have some now 🙂

    • I really love coconut curry, and I love Thai green curry, and I usually put Thai green curry in almost everything I make. What is weird for me, right now, is that I do not normally seek out Indian food (we have a lot of Indian restaurants in NYC, and they are popular among people who consider themselves “intellectual”, but, since I was a hippie,and Indian food was all the thing then, I have never felt the strong desire to eat Indian food in the past 23 years that I have lived in NYC) Nevertheless, suddenly, I have felt a strong desire to add Indian-style curry to virtually everything I have eaten (okay, not breakfast smoothies).

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