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This is Day 6 onAni’s 15 Day Fat Blast.  At this point, for a couple of reasons, I’m going on my own intuition as I do try to keep to the recipes where I can  (first, I’m pretty much broke. I got a big bag of blueberries at the outset, some miso, some lemons, ginger, tomatoes,  jalapenos, a head of bok choi, three avocados, as well as the hemp powder, which was a whopping $30 for a 12 oz. container.  I made 1-1/2 quart of jalapeno sauerkraut with a head of cabbage I already had.  When Phase 2 rolled around,  I got a big bag of spinach, a grapefruit,  and some more tomatoes and avocados.)

The first day of Phase 2, I did things pretty much by the book (breakfast and dinner were completely according to the recipe. For dinner, I made up the Red Pepper Soup – I loved it! I’ll probably have it again this week.

Yesterday, I added blueberries and coconut oil to the banana shake.  Around 4pm, I made up the Grapefruit Salad and ate about half of it. Later in the evening, I made up the Coconut  Tomato Soup. I had to put a little water in the blender, and then the soup came out to thin, so I added 1/4 avocado, which made it just right for me.

Today, I did the banana shake with added blueberries and coconut oil again for breakfast.  I took the rest of the Grapefruit Salad to work, and ate it as lunch– The Grapefruit Salad  is good, but I think I’ll use powdered ginger the next time I make it, so the ginger will distribute better (yes, I’ll make it again next time I can afford a grapefruit).  For lunch, I mixed spinach, wakame seaweed, about 1/2 C sauerkraut, about 2 tsp chopped onion,  1/2 avocado chopped, and about 1 tsp  chopped red bell pepper, with olive oil and apple cider vinegar (That was has been my #1 favorite meal of the week )

I have 3-1/2 avocados, 1 tomato, 1-1/2 red bell pepper, @2 C spinach, some wakame and full bag of mixed seaweed, 4 bananas,  @2 C blueberries and @1-1/2 pt. sauerkraut  left right now, along with about 1/2 container of the hemp and 1/2  C almonds.  I plan to get through the week on this, although I will buy a small cabbage on Friday, when I get to Phase 3.)


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