I’m on  Day 4 of Ani’s Phyo 15-Day Fat Blast..
I had some issues with the first 3 days.  I mean, it’s not that I didn’t do them, but I had questions.  If you see the book, there are different recipes for every day.  I was operating on a limited budget, and, also, I don’t always like everything that other people like.  I sent an email to Eni Oken, asking if it was necessary to follow her plan  “to a T”, but I have not received an answer to date (I guess Ani Phyo is too busy to answer me yet) 

I didn’t have enough money to buy lots of fruit, so I got a big bag of frozen blueberries.  I found a container of hemp protein which contains maca and chlorella.  I already had cinnamon and coconut oil.  I drank blueberry smoothies for the first three days (even though the book said to drink a different smoothie each day). 

I got a bunch of bok choi, 7 tomatoes, and 6 avocados.  I made the bok choi soup twice (it was low on avocado), but I had to add garlic, olive oil,. apple cider vinegar, and  Tabasco to it to make it likeable.  I made the tomato soup, but I had to add olive oil , apple cider vinegar, and Tabasco, as well as some herbs, to make it something fun to eat.  After I had re-invented these recipes, they were the ones I stayed with, primarily because of finances (wouldn’t have to buy anything else), but, also, because I knew I liked them)

I’m up to PHASE 2. 
This morning, I did the banana/hemp protein shake. (Tomorrow, I’m going to double the hemp protein and add blueberries, because the suggested amount of protein does not balance out the carbs for a carb-addict, and I just want the blueberries)

Since Ani has not answered me, I feel like I must be on my own, so, this afternoon I went for the “Sauerkraut salad” recipe.  I started a batch of sauerkraut  the day before I started this plan, so I opened it this afternoon.  I tore up some spinach, and added the greens from the daikon bunch I bought last week. I felt the need for some seaweed,. so I added some wakame to the mix.  I made the salad dressing completely “by the book”, but, when I tasted it, it needed something – it was too “bright”, so I added some garlic to bring it down into my neighborhood.  I ended up sprinkling more dried garlic as well as some Spike on the salad before I mixed it all up.  To my credit, I did end up eating the whole thing.  I started with half of the salad mix, and ate that, then wanted to go away, but knew I should pack up the leftovers, and, when I looked at them, I decided that I *could* in fact, eat them right then.  Good me.

Tonight,  I’m to eat a red bell pepper soup.  I’m looking forward to putting that together and seeing how it works.  Since Ani Phyo hasn’t answered my questions, I’m working on my own understanding of nutrition and what  I am working for. 


2 responses to “ANI’S 15-DAY FAT BLAST

  1. The red bell pepper soup was good all by itself. I didn’t have to add in anything else! Yumm!

  2. How much weight did you loose on this diet?

    I lost a little over 100 lbs. I have kept them off for 10 years.
    If you choose to go raw, and you want a good starter that is easily do-able, and then makes anything else you eat look like luxury, I can recommend Ani Phyo’s 15 Day Fat Blast

    I tried it out when the book first came out, and I liked it, and think it would be a good way for anyone to get a booster into a raw vegan diet. The “Fat Blast” is essentially a low carb/high protein version of a raw vegan diet (i.e., “Atkins on raw”)
    While you are doing the “15 Day Fat Blast”, you can explore on-line recipes and decide where you want to go, and what and how you want to eat next. (I’m always tempted to just stay on the “Fat Blast” — it’s easy, it’s nutritious, and it’s a no brainer.

    Some people, however, want more variety. Google “raw vegan recipes” and find cool recipes that will help you achieve the weight you want.

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