Ani’s 15 Day Fat Blast

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I’m doing Ani Oken’s Ani’s 15 Day Fat Blast (sort of)
I read through the book before I started. Okay, I read the middle, then looked at the end, then went to the beginning, and realized that I liked what she was saying. I decided to try it out.

I’ve been doing the first 3 day period for 3 days.  This has involved drinking a fruit smoothie mixed with some kind of protein (rice, hemp, or cashews — since I am on a strict budget, I looked at the prices of straight rice protein, straight hemp protein, and cashews, and decided to look at hemp again. The hemp choices I saw included one which included “maca” and chlorella, two things Eni mentioned as super foods, so I chose that one, because, ultimately, it was cheaper than buying a protein source + maca + chlorella.  (I figured it if  didn’t like it, after I finished using it, I could change to something else, and meanwhile, I had saved money and tried all three things.  I imagine I will notice what is missing after I finish this stuff and try another protein — I don’t like the hemp  much as of this writing)

I’ve enjoyed a couple of the smoothies and soups allowed during this phase, but… only a couple.  I have really only done the blueberry smoothie, the spicy bok choi soup, and the tomato bisque (finances, folks!) I didn’t care for the bok choi soup, but I am going to do it again with a tomato in it and see if I like it better.  I have not done any of the snacks, because I do not believe in snacks.  I ended up adding apple cider vinegar to both soups that I had, because I didn’t like the taste (and because Ani said in the text that apple cider vinegar is good).  I did not eat any other of the Phase One items because, after I tried the first three (avocado soup, tomato bisque, and bok choi twice), I figured I wasn’t going to like any others more than I liked  the ones I liked, and I had to carry the food to work and survive and be happy.  My happy foods ended up being the tomato bisque (with added apple cider vinegar and/or Tabasco), and blueberry blast. 

I am happy to say that, although I was worried about the low protein content/ full stomach feeling, I was able to get through day-stretches of 7am – 1pm, and 130pm -630pm without too much trouble, as long as I drank my water. Water! That’s the trick! When you think you are hungry, if you just drink water, you’ll probably be fine.  I am, for some reason not drinking enough water.  My goal is to drink at least 1 quart (approximately 1 liter) of water per every 2 hours. I know it can be done because I used to do it).

After I finish writing this, I have to go look at what I am supposed to do for the next 5 days.  I will let you know how that goes.


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