It is time to pay for my CSA order. I have to pay before My 1rst.   Deja Vu!!!!   My work schedule has, once again, just like last year, dropped by half.  Oops!  I have to pay for the CSA by May 1rst.

Back when I signed up for the 2012 share, I had a full 45 hour schedule.  That’s not the reality right now.  I am hoping that the CSA will allow me to reduce my order to the minimum (that is what I expect I will be able to pay when I get my next paycheck, if I don’t need to see a doctor or eat)  It is important for me to be able to pay for the CSA delivery because, if things don’t get better, it will be the only way I get organic vegetables.

Back when I had money, I had signed up for fruit and tomato deliveries. I’m going to ask if I can cut those out, since I cannot possibly pay for those things at this time.

EEEEUUUUWWW!  Being broke is no fun.  Also, I am too white to qualify for being broke enough for a CSA “help”, even though the people the CSA helps can afford Iphones (I can only afford a $30-prepaid phone access)

Never mind. I am getting paid next week. I can take 3/4 of that money to pay for the CSA (I’ll subsist on sale items for 4 weeks – the next paycheck will be for the rent.  I may actually try to do what a friend of mine used to do – she’d watch the guys putting vegetables on the shelves and ask them to give her the things they rejected.  Can I learn beggar mode?). If I can pay for the basic CSA,share, the I will get organic vegetbales for 6 m0nths.  If my job ends up going totally south,I will have some food through November.


One response to “MY THIS SEASON’S SHARE- it’s scary

  1. I really like Eni’s new book, and I know it is a lot work to organize a book, but, if I had my druthers, I would have the Phase One recipes follow the Phase One instructions, and so on…. Phase Two following Phase Two, etc.
    That would make it a lot easier for a person oriented like me to follow.

    I find it tedious to have to refer to the menu plan and then have to look up the recipes one by one in a different section. (If I weren’t so determined to like this plan—because I *want* to like Eni’s idea—I would have already shelved this book. As it is, I find it tedious to have to search , every day, for what I can eat, and then search fro the recipe.)

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