Day 10– this is the hardest day for me

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It’s Day 10.  It’s 8:30 pm.  I almost feel like I am out of control.  Day 10 is always hard for me, because it feels like I could just quit and get food, but I know I should make it through the night unsullied.

For the past 2 days, I have seriously thought about what I want to eat tomorrow.  I know what the rules are (fruit juice), but I always disobey them.  All of the cravings have been crowding around (pizza at Quintessence –do they still have pizza? I stopped going there when they started serving cooked food, steak and lobster!!!! at Red Lobsters – I’m just saying – these are cravings)  This morning I woke up knowing that what I really really want is a banana.  So, I have decided that I will have a banana blended in a protein shake, and I will take a banana along with me to eat for lunch.

I went up to Fairway and got some food for the week (my refrigerator was empty, save a couple of giant lemons).  I had to be a)frugal, and b)mindful of what can be done on a candida elimination diet.   I found a 1-lb bag of chopped kale for less than a 1-lb bunch of kale..  I grabbed a cabbage (slaw, more sauerkraut – for some reason I am worried about this batch that will be ready tomorrow night),  two shiny jalapenos (the scotch bonnets were awfully pretty, but I don’t know how they would work out in sauerkraut), some campari tomatoes, and a nice big bunch of basil (boy was I the popular one on the subway train home – everyone around me was sniffing and staring at my bag), oh! and, of course, the bananas.

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