DAY 9 MASTER CLEANSE: what I’m doing

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I can’t quit now. (Interestingly, all these ideas about quitting now have popped up in my head).

Tomorrow is the 10th day of my MASTER CLEANSE.  Today, I started seriously thinking about what to do on the day after.  Scrubbed all the weird cravings ideas (Red Lobster Steak and Lobster special! — definitely a no, and I knew it as soon as it popped into my head!)

I know that you are supposed to do fruit juice to break the fast.  I also know that, according to most experts, people on a candidiasis elimination diet should stay away from fruit for the first three weeks.  I am thinking about a protein drink with a banana in it.    This is my life. If the banana is bad for me, I will know it big-time the by the next day.  I have read quite a few books which purport to tell you the right way to eliminate candidiasis.   Some say fruit is a no-no, and some condone it.  I have decided to do the bananas in the protein shake, and I will see what happens.  Worse comes to worst, I eliminate bananas from my shake.

By Thursday, I expect to be on regular food.  

I am going to do a protein shake at least once a day.   Otherwise, raw vegetables will be the order of the day. (I’m sad that I can’t eat mushrooms).  I’ll be posting meal ideas as I go along.

I started a batch of sauerkraut last night, so it should be ready for my Wednesday night meal.  I’m excited.   Most candidiasis diets proscribe fermented foods, but… current candidiasis protocols emphasize pro-biotics, and I make my sauerkraut with pro-biotics, so…. I think it is okay.


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