POST #736
Day 7
Interestingly, cravings are coming fast and furious. The first ones were just “food*, any food. I blew that one off by thinking that I only have 3 more days to go….Then they started getting scary – first it was hamburgers. Then it was steak and baked potato. (this is called meat and cooked food, things I don’t do). The latest was pizza – real pizza, Chicago Uno Pizzeria everything pizza.) My mantra is “only three more days to go”.
I expect these cravings are coming up because I am on the way to getting better. I am battling systemic candidiasis right now, and what things would feed the candida fastest? Exactly those things I just mentioned. I think I am smarter than the candida.
Three more days.
I’ve decided not to quit yet for two reasons. 1- I shouldn’t quit, and, 2- I have all those big fat lemons I bought on Monday (these lemons are amazing – they are from Spain; they are half-again as large as the lemons I had last week; and they have thinner skins and fewer seeds.—additionally, 2 lemons yield half-again as much juice as 3 of the ones I had last week. Must use these babies. This is my best reason .
I am thinking about how I will break the fast. Fruit juice is the protocol. What fruit juice? I’m stuck with low carb choices. Is it cheating to just drink Master Cleanse one more day?
No fruit is allowed during the first 3 weeks of a candida cleanse. I think I will break my fast with a protein shake. I may add a banana. (oops! That’s a fruit isn’t it?)


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