POST #735
Sorry for the delay: I was trying to post links to books I’ve been reading, but that has been difficult.

Here’s what happened:

I’m now mostly through Day 3 of Master Cleanse. I’m feeling really good this time, because I am doing the whole program (my dirty secret last time was that I never did the salt cleanse, and I have noticed the difference since the first day. Yes, the salt cleanse is a pain – you have to get up an hour earlier than normal, and you have to do all the running to the bathroom—but it is so worth the effort, because you are going to be clean, clean, clean—I am assuming you do not want the dark and dirty exact facts. Trust me, you will know what I mean if you do it. It is amazing. )
Today, at school, there were all sorts of food smells going on around me. Yummy ones, not so yummy ones, but I just had a sip of my lemonade and I was good. The students were eating all kinds of food around me on the break, but I was fine.
One place I read online suggested that Master Cleanse lemonade could be mixed with vodka! Oh my! I think I will wait, but I can see that it might well be a good mixer.
Everybody keeps wondering out loud how I can go so long without eating. It is probably because I am doing the Master Cleanse properly, and I know that it can be done.
One of my students said she had thrown up when she drank the salt water cleanse. I questioned her closely, because that has never happened to me, and I learned that she had drunk the full quart down in 5 minutes (I suppose I might throw up, too, if I tried that). I do make my salt water with hot water – it goes down about like if you are drinking a bouillon—the salt is about the same density as a bouillon would be, so it almost seems tasty. One website I read suggested that hot water goes through your system faster, so you’ll be done running sooner. That makes sense to me, as the concept of the cleanse is that the salt water is the same weight as blood – if it is close to the temperature of blood, would that not be an assist?


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