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For some reason, it was a bit difficult to throw myself from the bed this morning.  The alarm rang at 4:30, as I had asked it to, and then I lingered on, thinking, drowsing, and then it was 5:00am, and I knew I had to get up if I was going to get through the salt water cleanse in time.  Oh it was hard to roll out of bed, but I did it, and I managed to walk straight to the kitchen, get out the salt, make the water hot, mix, and sit down with my book and wait for the water to be drinkable, then drink it down, sip by sip, in about 15 minutes.  I wanted it to be 15 – 20 minutes, because I know that, if you drink the salt water hot, it takes only about 2 hours to be done with what you need to do.

I cut two of the big lemons I got at CostCo, juiced them, and blended up my day’s worth  of “lemonade”, and I drank a couple of pints of water.

Along about 10am, I started noticing food smells, so I got a cup and poured out some lemonade, and had a few sips.  I sipped along from time to time, alternating with a little water.

At mid-day,  a co-worker proudly offered me a cookie.  It was the kind of cookie that, if you eat it, you will think you have died and gone to heaven — one of those designer cookies.  I already know that I cannot eat anything made with sugar ever again, and I also don’t really want to eat anything cooked, and I am fasting! I accepted the cookie because she was so proud to offer it to me– I mean, I don’t have to make someone feel uncomfortable when she was feeling so special, just because my life way is not going the way hers is.  I put the cookie on a napkin and offered it around until someone took it.  All good.  I’m still clean.

I didn’t even finish the 2 liters of lemonade before I left work (i.e., in 9 hours).  I see that as a good thing.  2 liters is about what you should do in a day.  I still have another cup or so to go (easy to do).  

During the day, I was faced with lots of temptations.  The cookie, the smells rising from the Indian restaurant behind my building, the smells from the food the students were eating during the breaks (sheez! how do people get so hungry that they have to seriously chow down every 2 hours! I don’t understand that.  Oh, yes, I do.  Too much high carb food, too little protein, and cultural inculcation— they have been taught that they have to be hungry often).    

It’s almost bedtime now. I’ve made it through the day.  I did have a momentary craving for cheese (ha! ha!  I don’t eat cheese!) and, for a bit, I wanted an avocado, but I got past those things easily because I want to finish this Master Cleanse successfully.   I believe that that is how it is done.  

I’ve done Master Cleanse a lot.  I’ve partnered with people who have fallen away after a day or two, but, except for two times, I have always made it through 10 days with no problem. (the two times were when I had been sharing cooking duties with my room-mate, and I realized that she was not eating properly or at all, and she was exhibiting psychotic symptoms.  Because I care for her, I broke my fast those two times, but, the second time, I promised myself, and I warned her, that I would never do that again, that she had to be responsible for her own health.)

I’m looking forward to 5am tomorrow morning.  My salt water cleanse.  Once you get into it, it is so good.  (I didn’t do the salt water cleanse on my last Master Cleanse, and I can see the difference already.  You feel good when you do it.  First, you feel that sense of accomplishment, but, then, you feel the difference.)


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