NEW CHALLENGE- HELLO CANDIDIASIS – yes raw foodists can get it

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Okay, here we go!  Something fun to concentrate on for the next while. 

I haven’t been talking much, because I have been dealing with a mega-attack of shingles (all across my chest from lower ribs to collar bone – i.. e, I haven’t been able to wear proper underpinnings) .  The interesting thing is that this has been my 15th episode of shingles (yes, boys and girls, you can get it more than once).  You’d think I would wake up and start wondering what I am doing wrong,  but I bought into the idea that it was caused by stress.  I finally did wake up when my dermatologist announced that I had a fungus infection on top of the shingles – unfortunately, not enough to ask him “what fungus”.   I did that today.  I had  decided that my dermatologist and I needed some space, so I looked all over my body for anything which might fall into his domain, and, during our moments together this afternoon, I pointed out every single weird spot on my skin (when you get older, you can get a lot of weird spots).  Interestingly, he told me that I could  use  the same ointments I’d been using on the “fungus infection” for those other spots (whew! no new shingles – I mean, shingles is stressful enough to cause shingles!)   It suddenly occurred to ask my dear doctor “what fungus?”   Genius, yes?  The answer:  candida.

Immediately, my mind started racing.  I mean, I am a raw vegan, and  I am  a nutritionist.  How could this happen to me?  I immediately dialed up my once-famous website on candidiasis, and then shuffled off to my bookshelf and dug out my old books on candidiasis.  I know all of this stuff, but I want to convert it for a raw vegan diet.  I googled raw vegan diet and candidiasis, and saw that overall,  my  ideas are still right.

So now, I must make  and implement a diet plan for my own self (we nutritionists usually only have to make plans for our clients). 

I have decided to start with a very strict 10-15 day Master Cleanse (yes, yes, I know that the maple syrup is a sugar, but I am going to do this first because I need to clean out my system.  I recognize that it highly likely that my last Master Cleanse may have triggered this last outbreak of shingles and the consequent outbreak of  fungal infection, but I think that cleaning out my system naturally is the best way for me to start this right now).    I’ll be reporting how this goes (I’m still healing from the shingles/fungal episode).

After I finish the Master Cleanse, I am going to implement a low-carb  raw vegan diet with anti-candida supplements (right now I think I will supplement with Now’s Candida Cleanse, which has ingredients that I believe in.  Since I have 10-15 days before I start, I will research recent naturopathic information on anti-candida supplements and make a final decision in the next week or so).  I am still doing research, and I will report what I have learned, what I have decided, what I am doing, and how it  is going.

Fortunately, I have my candidiasis website’s listing of PHASE ONE foods, foods  I  can eat easily,  knowing that they will contribute to the elimination of the candidiasis in my system.  Even better, having looked over the list on my website, I find that the foods I can eat are the foods  I usually do eat (this problem has come to me from the past and has been exascerbated  by my playing around with exotic foods and “desserts*)

At last, I can find some excitement in this health challenge I have been dealing with.  We raw foodists think we are going to avoid all health issues, but, I have discovered that that is not necessarily so.  I still do believe in nutritional healing, and I do believe that I can overcome this challenge.  


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