My computer crashed on my 6th day of Master Cleanse, so I wasn’t  able to post how things were going.

I made it safely through the 10 days, and was all set to start eating on the 11th day, but, when I woke up, I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted more than my lemonade, so I made up 2 liters worth, and went off to work.   The next morning, I still only wanted the lemonade, so I went to work with a bottle of it again.  That night, I did break my fast with a salad, but the next morning, I got up and had a glass of lemonade.  At dinnertime, I had a wakame seaweed salad with red bell pepper and some onion in it.  The next morning I had two bananas, but I still found myself almost craving the lemonade.  I am going to stay off for two weeks and then I will probably do at least another 5 days of Master Cleanse.

The good thing about the Master Cleanse this time was that I went down a size (I’m guessing that would be about 10-15 lbs).  Everyone has noticed it (yes, people notice you’ve lost weight even when you are 5’9” tall and a size 4/6 at your top weight.  I’m happy.


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