I’m on Day 3 of my Master Cleanse.  

Dang! A student told me that she was waiting to see me on Day 3 because that is when she always has problems, and when her friends fail.

Don’t you just hate saboteurs? (apparently I listened to her when I wasn’t looking).
I was doing fine, and then, today, I got cravings. (I actually started craving a seriously good hamburger)

I lasted through the hamburger craving (really, no biggy, but I could smell it), and then I started craving 4 avocados. (Not just one; I seriously wanted 4 avocados)
I’m doing well, nonetheless. I know it’s all in my head, and I know what my goal is.

1 – Okay, realistically, right now, my goal is February 10. I just will get there.

2 – Health-wise, my goal is to complete this Master Cleanse and see some improvements)

(fortunately, this time, my roommate and I have not been sharing cooking responsibilities for a number of months, so I don’t have to worry about if she has stopped eating properly, because I know it, and I no longer feel any responsibility)


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