EN0UGH OF ELITIST, HIGH-CARBON FOOTPRINT RECIPES! I’m tired now. I want accessible-for-all recipes!

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We listen to the raw food gurus tout “eco” friendly food, yet, all too many of them try to sell us on using food which has a huge carbon foot-print (I’m going to admit my guilt here – I found kiwi fruit dirt cheap at the market the other day and I bought some toot-sweet, without thinking twice.  I did not look into where they came from (probablyAustralia?),  because they were cheaper than any other fruit on the stand, and I am on a strict budget.}

I am disturbed by the number of raw vegan recipe books which call for young Thai coconut, which cannot, currently, be validated as organic, and which is financially inaccessible to most people (I don’t know too many people who can afford to spend up to $12 for one ingredient in one home-prepared meal – I surely can’t – the reason I prepare meals at home is to save money, and my weekly food budget is under $30)

Raw food gurus who give us recipes which require ingredients which are beyond the accessibility of the masses make the concept of raw veganism seem inaccessible to most people.

As a raw vegan nutritionist, too many times, I hear people complain that the raw vegan diet is too expensive.  I resent the recipe authors who propagate this idea with their recipes which require expensive ingredients and do not offer less costly alternatives.  I probably should not complain, because, actually, the authors of such elitist recipe books give me more work, send me more clients: people who would like to go raw but cannot see the way when looking at the elitist, expensive raw vegan recipes in the current recipe books on the market.


2 responses to “EN0UGH OF ELITIST, HIGH-CARBON FOOTPRINT RECIPES! I’m tired now. I want accessible-for-all recipes!

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  2. You may be happy to know that kiwi can be grown elsewhere other than Australia. I live on the coast/mountains in Ca & it grows here. Not sure where else but can be grown in US.

    Yes, but I live in New York City. Kiwi are not local. I want to be a locavore wherever possible.
    I grew out of macrobiotics, a system which recommends eating only things which are grown in season locally. I can get over the “in season” if things are grown in hot houses or otherwise, but I really want to stick to things grown locally — to reduce the carbon footprint.

    So, I am enjoying my kiwi fruit guiltily.

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