POST # 722
I finally broke my fast that I hadn’t even planned, i.e., I decided to eat something, after a little more than 24 hours without eating.

I made some cashew cheeze and kohlrabi “ravioli” and topped it with a tomato sauce made from water, a drop of oil, a drop of vinegar, and tomato powder. Probably not the best fast break, but, ya know? I just didn’t care right then. I’m broke, I’m limited to what is lying around, and I felt like eating — wrong reason to break a fast, actually! I wasn’t hungry. Just felt like eating was a good idea.

I am planning to not eat again until I am hungry (that means I have to drag some food along to work tomorrow, in case that is when I am hungry)

If I am not going to eat again until I am hungry, I am going to have to have some protein ready for when I decide to be hungry.  I have some cashews and some pecans, so I will probably just carry a bag of nuts along with me. They will give me a “snack-y” feeling, if I want to eat, and, if I don’t want to eat, they’ll last easily until I come home.


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