GOODBYE TO BONOBO’S: sad to see another raw restaurant go

I went by Bonobo’s last Friday, only to discover that the restaurant is gone! All that remained was the bare walls.  I was surprised, because there was still a big Bonobo’s sign on the scaffolding outside .  Oh gosh!  All we have left in NYC now are Pure Food and Wine near Union Square in Manhattan, and Rawkin Raw in Brooklyn.   It is sad thatNew York City cannot support raw food restaurants.  We’ve now lost 2 restaurants in the past year (Lillian and Eddie closed down their wonderful Raw Soul a while back).

Bonobo’s was interesting in that it was “the fast food” restaurant for the raw vegan crowd.  You could get in and out of there with take-out  in less than 10 minutes.   The informal set-up lent itself to meet-up groups, etc., and they also had a large room in the back which was good for lectures, workshops, and presentations.

Alas, it’s gone now.  That leaves us with Pure Food and Wine and Quintessence in Manhattan, and Rawkin Raw in Brooklyn.  There is also Caravan of Dreams, in Manhattan, which has a few raw items on its menu.

One response to “GOODBYE TO BONOBO’S: sad to see another raw restaurant go

  1. I ate at Caravan of Dreams and it was very good. Disappointed I never made it to Bonobo’s.

  2. did you even try to go in // eat there? that scaffolding has been there for quite some time, along with the faux sidewalk, they are doing renovation on the building. bonobos has some limited hours some days — only lunch hours sometimes — but i’m pretty sure they aren’t closed. be careful what you post.

    Yes, I went to Bonobo’s often. I am sure they are closed because the storefront is EMPTY. No people in there, no facilities in there, no nothing in there. It is CLOSED.
    I do not report on foodstores or restaurants in New York City which I have not frequented (Okay, I do not really *frequent* Pure Food and Wine because I am not financially able to do so. From time to time, I do go by, however. I went often to Bonobo’s because my friends liked it. It is gone now. Gone. Go by there and see for yourself.

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