SPIRALIZER IN THE MEDIA: Dr. Oz has a demo on his show

Hey! Hey! Dr. Oz showed a spiralizer on his program today! Dr. Oz did act like he had never seen such a thing before….  okay, maybe (I know he says he is very into a high raw diet (not all vegan, probably not all vegetarian, but — hey! you never know!)  I know his wife is a Reiki master, but that does not always mean food consciousness, and when it does, it does not always mean raw.

(The spiralizer that Dr. Oz showed was a version of the Joyce Chen spiralizer that I reviewed a while ago.  Go here to read more about my spiralizer experiments, experiences, and final choice.)

I’ ve been watching Dr. Oz off and on for a year or so.  Love him. I’ve noticed that he promotes a more raw, more vegetable diet.  His ideas about weight management are close to mine.  Plus, he is just plain “cute” in his presentation, in his “apparent” interest in his (female) audience.  


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