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I’m as sad as I can be.  Raw Food Right Now, 0ne of the best, brightest, and most lively raw food sites has just signed off.  (If you know them, you might have suspected this was coming, as there had not been any posts of any sort of almost a year.)  I wish them well.

Based on what I understand of their very wordy “good-bye”, they have gone back to eating an omnivore diet.  

That is okay. Lots of people are doing that (I heard the movement starting up about 3 years ago — I went to a raw food conference, in which several of the “gurus” there suggested that many of them were currently leaning toward incorporating cooked food into their diet. )  I do understand it.  People hear of raw food and usually find one raw food “guru” who promises lots of benefits and sells lots of books.  Then, they start getting cravings, and the guru cannot explain how to get past the cravings.   Then they start doubting.  Or else, they just go back to eating the way they  used to — happy experiment over!

I’m lucky, I guess.  I got into raw food all by myself. There were no gurus.   There was, at the time, one book which gave some recipe ideas (that I still use, by the way).  I’ve been charting my own way all along. There has never been any pressure. I’ve just been doing what seemed right to me, without any real-time people telling me anything.  It’s been fun, or it’s been difficult, depending on the way you want to look at it — I do tend to go head to head with the “gurus” who dictate how things must be done (I’ve studied nutrition, which I doubt most of them have, and I know what works for me and for people I work with).  I tend to annoy people who have found the one and only guru who works for them (Most of these have already gone back to eating cooked food and even meat.

If you are starting out with a raw vegan diet, know that you can go a couple of ways:  You can go “whole hog”, i.e. delete the cooked food and animal products from your diet in one fell swoop.

At the same time, there is no law that says you have to go all the way at one time (that would depend on you).  The AMA now recommends a 60% raw diet — that just means eat a whole bunch of raw fruit and vegetables every day — work at making that be about 2/3 to 3/4 of your daily diet.

There are those who claim that “high-raw” will work — this is a diet where you eat 80-95% raw food.

I normally tell people that I am 95% raw, simply because I don’t know if I might change my mind tomorrow (at which time, you would, of course, be watching me).  I’m happy with 95%.  I could say 100%, but I want to stay safe, and I don’t want the pressure which might drive me to quit what I am doing. I’ve been raw since the 1970s.  I’ve done it because it seems right to me.  Sometimes I don’t like it and I wish I had some instant foods (I sure did like Lara Bars, until they changed).  I’ve seen a number of people (including Ani Phyo) using protein shakes, and I’ve been thinking about those, because I am just plain lazy about eating most days (I could just blend up some fruit with the protein and  be done with it).

Meanwhile, I am still here.  Still raw.

Good luck to the RFRN folks in whatever they choose to do next

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