11/10/11 CSA SHARE: What we got, how I fared, what I’m going to do

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Tomorrow is 11/11/11.  Some say it will be a special day.  I will put out my feelers and be on the lookout for anything special. 

I volunteered again tonight at the CSA distribution.  That is always fun! I get to see people I never see, and I get to see some people do some really strange things.

Anyway, we got:
Sweet Potatoes (3 big ones)
Leeks (2 nice-sized ones)
Celery Root (Celeriac) – 1
Daikon Radish (2 -3 nice sized ones)
Baby Red Kale (1/2 lb – 1/2 loosely filled gallon bag)
Russet Potatoes – (6 small ones)
Golden Beets (a bunch of miniscule large marble-sized beets)

I’ll give away the potatoes – I just don’t have any more patience with potatoes.

The sweet potatoes are just in time for Thanksgiving (I scored 4 more big ones because I was volunteering)

I ended up with 4 bags of the kale (most people thought it was lettuce because the leaves were so little and it came in a bag like the mixed salad greens always do)

I traded the tiny beets (too much work — I would have had to spend 1/2 hr. trying to peel them without skinning my fingers, for less than 1/2 C of beets in the end) for more daikon, so I went away with 6 big daikons  (because I am so nice, I will give one to my room-mate, who is Japanese).

I ended up going away with 3 celery roots and 4 leeks (again, because I was volunteering.

I’ll figure out what to do with all of this and, if I do something spectacular, I’ll report back.

RECIPE: I am planning to spiralize a daikon and combine it with seaweed, some onion, some garlic, and some sesame oil.

RECIPE: Tonight I did combine some sprouted quinoa with wilted kale, garlic, onion, a little red bell pepper, and some mushrooms – all mushed up with some kalamata olives.  Yum!

I had to grit my teeth though. As a volunteer, of course, I have no say in what is done. Normally our unclaimed shares go to a local food bank, and I think that is a wonderful thing. I do not qualify for the food bank although I do not have extra money to buy food and do subsist on this CSA share that I paid for in April, when I had money. Nevertheless, I think it is great that others can benefit from the vegetables that financially-healthy people fail to pick up. Tonight, the CSA manager of the night gave several whole shares to the Occupy Wall Street people. I had to bite my tongue. I do not agree with OWS, and refuse to donate food to them (I think they should go home and get a job — unfortunately, most of them are not interested in getting a job. As nearly as I can tell, they are neatly divided among welfare recipients, people Mommy and Daddy are paying the rent for, and people who, for whatever reason, are independently wealthy. People like me, one of the REAL 99%, who have to work to pay the rent and buy food, are not there).

I resent that the shares, which could have gone to needy families, were given to the ne’er-do-wells, criminals (yes, we have had a number of sex crimes and thefts down there), welfare recipients, and misbehaving college students who are enjoying a free ride in Zucotti Park.

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