11/10/11 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

POST # 705

This is what they say we will get:

Sweet Potatoes – 3lbs
Leek – 1 bunch
Russet Potatoes- 1 qt
Celery Root 1 pc
Daikon Radish 1 p
Baby Bok Choi – OR – Baby Red Kale – 1 bun

Past the possibility of kale, I’m sort of easy about all the rest of it. I don’t care either way. I’ll find something to do with it.  Even if I get the bok choi, I’ll deal with it (do I sound totally broke? You got it!  BTW, I have checked out food kitchens, and food banks, and, if you make enough to pay your rent (even though you don’t have enough left over to buy food) you’re not eligible. (It’s bad enough to have to think of going to a food kitchen, or even actually going to it — gosh! what a psychologically humiliating situation — the people at the one place I went were so nice, but I just felt awful, like I ought to be able to pay for my food and might there not be others who needed food more than I do? I mean, I could go a day or so without food, but children cannot– I’ve never gone back there, and that was the only place that I’ve found that would accept me without city poverty credentials — i.e., it might more than 3/4 of my months pay to pay the rent, on a place which is definitely not a luxury rental, and I still need to pay transportation to get to my job that doesn’t pay enough, but I don’t qualify under the city’s idea of what poverty level is, i.e., I am not on welfare — sorry, I am one of the working poor!  What’s really funny to me is that, because I am a member of the CSA, i.e., early this year, I did have enough money to pay in advance — thank the Lord for that!- I perforce pay for the donation of fresh vegetables to a food bank that will not accept me now that I am down on my luck! ha ha! I’m rich poor!)

I would  be making smoothies out of my CSA vegetables these days, but smoothies and juices take up a lot of vegetables that I could be using to feed my tummy.  I’m down to what comes in the share for what is going on the table. (Thank heaven I have been  superstitious about signing up for the CSA for the past couple of years! I scrape to pay in advance, and, then, if my job goes south, I still have food coming in through November. I have no idea what I am going to do for food this winter, though. Pray for me… With any kind of luck, and with God’s health, something will come through.)


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