FRESH LINKS – New Places to Visit

Post #701 
I’ve been working most of the day on the Pretty Smart Raw Food Ideas links.  Great raw vegan websites have an unfortunate habit of starting up with a blast of wonderful energy and ideas, and then, sometimes just as quickly, disappearing into thin air.  

What I’ve done today is delete the links that simply no longer exist, and preserve everything else.  There have been some very good blogs that have gone inactive after a good run; I’ve saved those.  Blogs and websites that either are still active or have a lot of really good information are still on the list.

Now, I am proud to have my links list on my blog now. There is so much good information there. 

With the explosion of interest in raw living foods since I began Pretty Smart Raw Food Ideas,  I am thinking of changing from the sidebar list to a page of links.  That will take time.  I’ve rediscovered a massive number of websites and blogs that I’ll be visiting and evaluating for their use on Pretty Smart Raw Food Ideas.  Just in my experience today, I’ve been directed to at least 20 sites which are new to me, and some of those sites have their own link lists.

Boy! This is exciting! It’s like  a breath of fresh air to see all these new ideas out there.


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