CSA SHARE 10/27/11: What we got

Post #702
I almost missed the pick-up today -first time ever.  It must have been because my time sense is off from all this vacation time. (I go back to work tomorrow) There I was, working away on Pretty Smart Raw Food Ideas, when, suddenly, I looked at the clock and realized that if I didn’t get a move on, I was going to miss getting my vegetables!  Zoom!

We got everything they said, with the exception of the Guy Lon (Chinese broccoli).   We also got two big bags of apples, one green and one red.

The good news that I got this week is that there will be a winter share.  That was a concern, because the rumor mill, i.e., the people who are close buddies with the coordinator, have kept saying that the winter share might not happen this year because of all the rain (it seems that the farm has lost a lot of crops, including the all of the winter squash, apparently).  I finally wrote directly to the CSA and asked outright.  They assured me that there would definitely be a winter share, and that I should ask the CSA coordinator for more information. Funny, that, because, the very next day, we got a newsletter from the CSA coordinator mentioning the upcoming winter share.


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