A FAIRWAY VISIT: and a dose of reality (good, actually)

Post #703
I went up to Fairway yesterday (Fairway is an amazing market in New York City, which has just about any food you could possibly want, at very reasonable prices — it is definitely worth the subway hassle).  Dang! They must have been reading my posts! They have raised the price on the organic cashews so it is now more than the price of the raw cashews available pre-packaged downstairs.  Shoot!  And I thought I was so clever!  Oh well. 

Anyway, I got about 1-1/2 lbs. of raw cashews, 1 lb. of almonds, 1 lb. of lentils 1 lb. of of quinoa (wow! The quinoa price has doubled in the past year!) , 1 lb. of sunflower seeds, a red bell pepper, a box of Campari tomatoes, 2 lbs. of lentils, 1 lb. of hull-less barley, and a couple of Lara bars (I don’t think the Lara Bars are still raw, because they don’t say raw on the label anymore, and the company has refused to answer my queries.  I am going to have to break down and start making my own bars).  I also got some dried olives to use with the kale and collards, or just to eat if I accidentally get a salt craving (that happens about once a year — you already know I am not a salt person).  Let’s see… what else did I get – I went round and round and upstairs and downstairs and read all the labels on the vegetables, because often they but organics downstairs.   Oh, yes! I got three bright, shiny (i.e. nice and fresh) jalapeno peppers.  All of this ran me a little over $50.00.  Normally, I might screech at that kind of grocery bill, but…

To be realistic, since May, I have not gone to the supermarket.  I have survived on the beans, grains, seeds, and nuts, I had purchased before my personal financial melt-down in May, the tomatoes I dehydrated last year, and the vegetables I have received in my CSA share box (I am definitely feeling superstitious right about now – this is the second year that I have paid for my CSA in the beginning of May, and my hours have been slashed in the end of May.  I’m starting to save now for next year’s CSA share).  I’ve been sprouting my beans, grains, and seeds, and using up the cashews and almonds (it’s been a couple of months that I haven’t had any of my favorite dishes I make with cashews and almonds, since I ran out, but I still do have some walnuts in the freezer)  $50.00 isn’t that much when I am only doing it about every 5 months.  (Winter is coming, so I’ll have to depend on sprouting seeds more and my next visit to the supermarket may well come sooner (the CSA winter share is not famous for including greens, so I’ll need more grains and seeds to sprout.  I do like to get into making sauerkraut in the winter – the cabbage prices are usually more reasonable than those of any other greens).

 I have never tried sprouting barley before .  I’ve seen it, but I’ve never done it in my own home (I like things that will sprout in jars and do their own thing even if I don’t pay attention to them – love lentils, sunflower seeds, and wheat).  I have still have an old flat sprouter that needs 1 sq. ft. of space and lots of sprinkling – I’ll drag it out.  Wish me luck) This afternoon, while I was reviewing websites, I found some info on sprouting which makes me think I won’t be sprouting – they said you need unhulled barley.  Oh well.  I will put a tablespoon of this barley in a jar and see what happens.

 My kitchen is going to go back to being a garden very soon.  I’ve got lentils, sunflower seeds, quinoa, barley, and a little leftover wheat to sprout!  Oh, joy!  I have some diversity in my diet coming up!

I have some cashews now, and I still have that kale from last week, so I’m going to make my delicious kale/cashew pate and put it on tomato slices for a designer dinner in the next few days.  This is almost as exciting as going to a restaurant when someone else is paying!


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