I’ve found a new easy  way to make frozen fruit “ice cream” using bananas and other fruit!

I was watching Dr. Oz and I saw a demonstration of aYonanas"", a frozen fruit “ice cream” maker.  My first inclination was to sneer — my Champion juicer will make frozen fruit “soft serve” ice cream.  Then I decided to google the thing, and found out that folks who do not have a mega-juicer can afford the Yonanas"" and enjoy frozen fruit “soft serve” for much less of an investment.

I remember the hoops I jumped through before I had the Champion.  Making “ice cream” from fruit with a blender was annoying (even with my Vitamix — I had to add ice cubes and then it almost melted before I could scrape it out of the canister (most of the time I ended up with a milkshake or cold soup instead).  The Yonanas"" churns out the ice cream into a bowl, much as my Champion does, coiling the fruit mix up in a way that looks a lot like softserve.

I read a couple of reviews of the machine, and all were reasonably positive (the worst was the complaint about clean-up — he complained that it took a couple of minutes to clean up, but my Champion’s clean-up takes pretty much the same amount of time).  That reviewer said that the machine looked and felt “inexpensive”, but, well, it is inexpensive, and according to the reviewer, it does the job.

I’m thinking of getting this, simply because it will be lighter than the Champion.  If I can find a place to store it in my extra-tiny NYC apartment, I’ll get it.


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