10/20/11 CSA SHARE: I’m in NC’s Outer Banks!

This week, I am on vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina! Yea!!!!  The beach and the sun and the fresh air are rejuvenating me no end.  Interestingly, without meaning to, I’ve been detoxing. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting up about 5:30 every morning to watch the sun rise over the ocean (the sun actually makes its appearance somewhere around 7:15 am, but the show starts around 5:30-5:45). Apart from that, I’ve just been lolling around on the beach, shopping with my mom, reading a lot.

While I have been here, I’ve been reading some interesting nutrition info that I will post as soon as I am back to my own computer with unlimited time (I’m posting from a public library right now, just steps from the ocean!)

Meanwhile, a friend from the CSA has kindly offered to pick up my share and hold it for me until I can pick it up on Sunday. Yea!!!

Here is what they say we will get:

Head Lettuce OR Sweet Potatoes – 1 hd/several pcs
Arugula – 1/4 lb bag
Lettuce Mix – 1/2 lb bag
Red Russian Kale – 1 bun
Yellow Potatoes – 3 lb bag
Broccoli – 1-2 pcs

Oh, I hope we get the sweet potatoes!
My mom made an interesting salad with arugula this week, and I actually liked it.  So…. I’ll get a chance to see if I still like arugula when I am back in New York City (it could be something to do with the air here or something)
Kale! Yea!!! Can’t get enough of it!
Broccoli. Okay. I’ve just read all about all the good benefits of broccoli, so, okay, I’ll figure out a new recipe that will make me want to eat broccoli. Soup?

Done for now.


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