10/14/11 Share: What we got

Actually, we got everything they said, and the carrots, this time, were not so weeny — they are quite cute and of a decent size. (2 bunches still won’t make more than 1/2 C juice, probably, but, then the pulp can go to some interesting crackers or bread or something.

The surprise was the soybeans! I mean, who ever gets fresh soybeans? I ate a couple, but they were really starchy, or, more, according to me, “beany”.  They are in the refrigerator until I get back next week — I’ll sprout them and then see what I can do.  I’m excited. Perhaps sprouted they will be like edamame.

Since I’m going away on vacation tomorrow, I gave the lettuce and broccoli to my room-mate, and donated the turnip greens to the share box.

I’m blessed that there is a woman at the CSA who is willing to take my share next Thursday and hold it for me until I can pick it up on Sunday (I return on Saturday — will get in about midnight — love those long distance buses! — $80 RT vs $350 RT airfare… you pay in stress on your bottom, sitting all those hour- fortunately, the bus co said they have wi-fi, so I can fool around on my kindle if I get bored or finish my book)

I’m off-line for the next week. Yea! a real vacation. Just me and the sea air.


One response to “10/14/11 Share: What we got

  1. Okay, I’ll admit it. I love kale too much. I did not give my kale to my room-mate. It is in the refrigerator. I will spend the whole of next week praying that it waits for me to come back (I actually considered packing it to take with me on my vacation, but I don’t really think I can trust it that far (it’s a 10 hour bus ride and then some before I would be able to refrigerate it. I will just buy some kale there to make it for my parents.

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